About Us

Thy Pham

Thy Pham has been working as a Professional Esthetician for over 11 years. Before she became an Esthetician, she had worked in many industries ranging from fashion, fitness, sales, and food. Even though Thy enjoyed working in these industries, she never truly felt passionate about what she was doing. Thy has always had a strong interest in holistic health and wellness and when it came it a point where she wanted to find a career where she could find great fulfillment, she had decided to to study Esthetics. Thy had finally found her calling in Esthetics and since then she has never looked back.

Thy attended the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology in San Francisco, CA. Besides doing her basic 600 hours of training, she had mentored under and sought training from many of the best skin care experts in the industry (Jan Marini, Dr. Mark Lees, Lori Nestore, Marisa Wang, Lydia Sarfati, and Boldijarre Koronczay). She has advanced training and certification in Facial, Neck, and Shoulder Massage, Chinese Diagnosis for the Face and Body, and Brazilian waxing. She has also obtained certifications with the following skin care lines: Jan Marini, Dermalogica, Eminence, Cosmedix, Being True Cosmetics, and Rhonda Allison.

Thy’s waxing services are top notch, fast and PAINLESS. Thy is a brazilian wax specialist. She uses a combination of French hard and soft wax that is great for all skin types, including sensitve skin. Thy specializes in clinical facials using Rhonda Allison Products. In her facials, she utilizes natural peels and enzymes to offer EFFECTIVE results for all skin types. All of the products used at Aria are natural and safe for your skin.

What makes Thy different from other Estheticians is that she is also a Wellness Intuitive and Astrologer, offering energy clearing therapy and Astrology readings. Thy has the ability to de-stress her clients by clearing and moving energy that is not serving them. Clients end up feeling deeply relaxed, more centered and are able to function better physically and mentally. The results are similar to a massage, but last longer.

Thy cares about her clients and she strives to offer a personalized experience for everyone who walks into her treatment room. Thy’s true passion is to make a difference in her client’s skin. She does this by using her advanced training, educating her clients and using high quality, effective products. Thy’s approach to skin care is to give Clinical results, by utilizing natural enzymes and acids. Thy strives to build a professional, yet personal connection with all of her clients. What makes her different from other Estheticians is that she genuinely cares about her clients, she is highly intuitive, she delivers great (and painless) results.