Astrology Services

Astrology is a great tool to give you insight and clarity about yourself. Astrology is extremely specific to the individual when the chart is explored in detail. Every individual is born with specific signs in different planets, houses, asteroids, and chirons that is completely unique to that person. To learn more, schedule a reading with me and I will offer a basic understanding of your astrological blueprint.

*All readings will require that you give me information on your birth. I will need your birth date, time you were born, city/town you were born in, and state/country.,

1) Basic Natal Chart reading

This reading will focus on the basics of your natal chart. I will explain to you what your chart says about “who you really are” as an individual. We will look at themes such as: your outward personality, your inner emotional world, your egoic self, how you communicate and express yourself, how you are in relationships, love, sex, money, family, work, and creativity.

50 minutes $50

2) Love, Sex and Relationships reading

This reading focuses on your who you are in love and in relationships. We will talk about how you process your emotions, your love personality, what you find attractive in others, what others find attractive about you, what type of person is ideal for you, and your sexual personality.

50 minutes $50

3) Romantic compatability reading

This reading will help you to understand your relationship with your partner. We will look at your love personalities individually and together as a couple. You will get insight on what brought you two together, your strengths as a couple, and what obstacles you may encounter together as a couple.

75 minutes $75