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Aria Body Treatments For Skin and Soul

Energy Healing Services

What is Energy Healing? Energy Healing therapy is based on the principle that the health of the body, mind and spirit are anchored in the balance of the energy in the body. While we might not be sensitive to it all of the time, we embed and carry the stress and trauma of our lives in our physical body. By releasing the tension in our body, we can often also let go of emotional and psychological blocks which are holding us back form realizing our true potential in life.

Your Energy Healing therapist will use a combination of techniques including traditional massage. However, unlike traditional massage bodywork, your Energy Healing therapist may not have their hands on you the whole time they are treating you. You may or may not actually feel the movement of energy in your body as they assist you in releasing areas of tension and blocks.

The results of an Energy Healing therapy session could be as subtle as feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvenated to as incredible as having a moment of deep emotional release that leads to life transformation.

Energy Healing & Therapeutic Massage

Stress, trauma, grief, physical and mental overexertion cause our body to tense up and often cause physical pain. Energy healing bodywork can be of extraordinary benefit to anyone who is seeking to clear limiting beliefs and patterns in their life which are holding them back from their true potential. The benefits of Energy Healing bodywork include a feeling of deep relaxation and relief that often lasts longer than traditional massage work. Each session is tailored to the individual and the effects are cumulative over time.

  • 60 minutes $100

Add-On Stress Relief Treatment

This deeply relaxing Energy Healing session will leave you feeling more balanced and renewed.

  • Add-on to any Aria treatment: 30 min/$30

Aria’s Personalized Back Treatment

Don’t forget your back side is just as important as your front side! If you’ve got a wedding, special event, or hot date where you want to wear and bare your back side, this treatment is for you. This treatment will include a deep cleansing, extractions (if needed), a deep exfoliation, and treatment mask.

  • 45 minutes $80

Aria’s Bikini Facial

This service is perfect for those of you who like to maintain and keep this sensitive area clean and smooth. If you’ve got ingrown hairs, this is the perfect treatment to clear them out safely. We will cleanse the area, follow it up with a nice scrub, extractions (if needed), and a soothing healing mask to finish.

  • 30 minutes $80